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10 Worst Stories of Athletes Gambling

Beyond their game, athletes are known for their big pockets.

It’s also no secret that athletes are fueled by a unique competitive nature, a unignorable desire to win. Athletes love the chase, which is why many pro’s over the years have been so susceptible to betting and losings tens of thousands to millions of dollars.

Athletes like Charles Barkley recognize that the joy of gambling is bigger than the money, it’s the thrill. But unfortunately, too many athletes don’t know when to walk away from a table or dig themselves out of a vicious rabbit hole of losing sports bets.

A lot of hard-earned cash has gone to waste for some of these athletes that will be listed soon. A few athletes we will mention have lost as much as $100k on one sports bet.


Some athletes took their betting outside of Vegas and to their own teammates, piling on a debt that couldn’t be ignored, causing inevitable turmoil in the locker-rooms.  

Without further ado, here are the 25 worst stories of athletes gambling on sports.

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