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10 Worst Stories of Athletes Gambling

8.   Terrence Kiel
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Terrence played strong-safety for the San Diego Chargers for 4 seasons between 2003 – 2006.

While his playing career didn’t last long, he quickly found himself in a financial hole due to his gambling addiction.

To supplement to his income and stay afloat, Terrence Kiel resorted to smuggling codeine-based cough syrup from San Diego to Texas for extra cash.

His smuggling run didn’t last long, he was arrested in 2006 on multiple drug charges. In 2007, Terrence pleaded guilty to both misdemeanor & felony charges for “shipping the purple drank” to Texas (no joke).

After being released by the Chargers and being sentenced to 3 years’ probation and mandatory counseling for gambling, Terrence had a sudden death after crashing his car on his way home from a former teammates party in 2008.  

Friends urged Terrence not to drive home from the party that night, he was only 27…

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