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Top 25 Best Shooters in NBA History

Basketball is a complicated game, with many different elements required to earn your team the victory on a given night. Even with all of the nuances that come with professional basketball, one thing is more important than everything else.

Making shots.

Shooting the basketball efficiently is truly the most important aspect to winning games and it is what separates your average player from the All-Star players.

Larry Bird, Ray Allen and Reggie Miller are just some of the iconic shooters in the history of the NBA, who are remembered for making the biggest shots when their team needed them the most.

Today we are seeing a revolution in the NBA, as players are taking and making more three-point shots then we have ever seen. You will be surprised to see how high some of the current NBA players land on this list, as they have put their names in the conversation with Hall of Famers for being the best shooters in NBA history.

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