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Top 5 NBA Players Drafted from High School

Basketball is the one sport where high school athletes can be NBA ready soon as they graduate. The talent that has come straight out of high school to join the NBA is unreal; among the greats you will see a few that passed on the NCAA and went right to the pros.

Many college athletes from this upcoming generation notice the overwhelming surplus in revenue; therefore feel they deserve to be financially rewarded beyond their scholarships by the NCAA. This ideology has opened doors for the start of the JBA (Junior Basketball Association) and the proposal of allowing athletes to get drafted to the NBA out of high school to resurface.

Athletes like LeBron gave us unbelievable basketball years before even turning 21; it would heartbreaking to imagine the NBA taking years away from LeBrons’ professional career and others on this list to play college ball.

Now, lets take a look at the Top 5 NBA Players Drafted from High School.

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