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Warriors Forward Jordan Bell Was Suspended One Game For Charging Purchase Of Candle To Mike Brown’s Card

In what is perhaps one of the strangest stories of this NBA season, the Warriors suspended Jordan Bell for one game, which took place Wednesday against the Grizzlies, for purchasing an item and putting it on assistant coach Mike Brown’s bill.

Now, a report from the SF Chronicle details that the item was actually a $15 candle, which was bought as a prank.

‘Warriors forward Jordan Bell retweeted a Twitter thread on Thursday afternoon that appeared to shed new light on his one-game suspension.

The Chronicle has confirmed details of the thread, including that Bell was suspended for charging a candle to assistant coach Mike Brown’s hotel bill. It was a “pretty accurate account of how things went down,” a source close to Bell told The Chronicle of the thread, which was tweeted by Twitter user @MGRADS.’


These are the tweets that summarize what happened.

The report also adds that this wasn’t the first time Bell charged something to Brown’s bill without his permission. But what’s funny is that the suspension cost Bell over $9,000.

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