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5 Ideal Trades for Antonio Brown

The toxicity in the Steelers locker-room must be addressed.

Between Le’veon Bell never reporting to a single practice and Antonio Browns drama in December, the Steelers are on a path to turmoil.

The championship culture in Pittsburgh is being threatened by selfishness and uncontrollable egos; this team is too gifted on offense to be watching the playoffs from their couches.

Big Ben still has some quality quarterback play left in him, JuJu has emerged as a star wideout, and James Conner can carry the running game. There is no need for the GM and coaches to put up with the BS any longer, trading Antonio Brown is the best move for the Steelers this off season.

After spiking the ball at Ben Roethlisberger during practice, Antonio Brown has become the center of the chaos in Pittsburgh. Plus, he’s not been quiet about his frustrations with the organization throughout the season. Cut the cord and get value in return.

Brown is widely regarded as a Top 3 wide receiver and even the best in the game according to some analysts and coaches; the Steelers will be able to acquire first round picks and possibly some veteran talent while fixing their chemistry dilemma.

This trade could be the best thing for Antonio Brown; he will have a fresh start with a new team, giving him a second chance to redeem his reputation. However, if he stirs up issues with his next team, expect him to be labeled a “locker-room cancer”, followed by a swift release. Hopefully, the conflicts are put to rest after an Antonio Brown trade, and both sides come out of this with a win.

Let’s look at the 5 ideal destinations for Antonio Brown, starting with the Indianapolis Colts.

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