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Steve Kerr Caught On Camera Telling Assistant Coach: ‘I’m So F****** Tired Of Draymond’

The Warriors were upset at home on Sunday night to the lowly Phoenix Suns. To go along with the loss, Kevin Durant suffered a right ankle contusion that forced him to leave in the fourth quarter and not return.

On top of all that, late in the game, it was Steve Kerr that appeared frustrated with something that Draymond Green did. As the broadcast cut to commercial, the camera lingered on Kerr who seemed to vent to assistant Mike Brown about, “I so f*cking tired of Draymond…”

The clip caused a stir on social media, and it would seem apparent that either Kerr or Draymond will be asked about this from the media.

This season has been filled with tension and drama with the Warriors, so it’ll be very interesting to see how it plays out.

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