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NBA 2K19’s 2KTV Host Rachel DeMita Bids Farewell

With the NBA 2K19 game getting plenty of play, fans are now learning that one of the popular aspects of the series is losing a major star. NBA 2KTV host Rachel DeMita is reportedly done with working as the show’s familiar face during her digital series. She’s been part of the community for some time, and fans have enjoyed her ability to add personality and insight to unique takes on the game of basketball.

Plus, she can REALLY hoop.

In addition to hosting the popular NBA 2KTV show, Rachel Demita also has over a million fans spread across different social media. That includes over 1.4 million Instagram followers along with hundreds of thousands between her Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. DeMita also regularly vlogs on the YouTube channel about different topics including basketball moves, exercise, and her life in general.

Now DeMita is moving on to new ventures including a media deal she signed with sports-media startup Overtime. DeMita will help collaborate on new shows or live sports coverage, per reports that surfaced back in September.

“Today I’m taking a leap of courage and leaving the most impactful job of my career to date,” she tweeted on November 9th. “My last episode goes up tonight. 2KTV brought so many opportunities and experiences that I will never forget and will forever cherish.”

As for what’s next, she says, “I’m excited to expand my Youtube channel, create new shows with Overtime, and produce entertainment beyond just basketball.”

Her final appearance on 2KTV includes an interview with Charlotte Hornets’ All-Star Kemba Walker.

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