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Matthew Judon Took Sip Of Fan’s Beer After Jared Goff Interception

A simple first down, a batted pass, sack, and interception is enough for an NFL team to break out in a dance routine – or even more in order to celebrate.

Celebrations could also include eating a fan’s snack — or beer.

This is exactly what happened last night after the Baltimore Ravens defense picked off Jared Goff, and the entire defense ran to the end zone to take a group picture.

While one player grabbed a fan’s snack, linebacker Matthew Judon, was spotted grabbing a fan’s beer and taking a sip of it.

Judon sipping on a beer during a game gets even better when you remember he was the guy who delivered the greatest “Sunday Night Football introduction of all time.

The Ravens destroyed the Los Angeles Rams with the final score being 45-6.


In fact, the blowout was so bad, that two players got into a heated altercation after the game. You can learn more below.

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