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LeBron James Had The Top Selling NBA Jersey For 2018-19 Season

With the 2018-19 NBA Playoffs well underway, the league has just released a list of the top-selling team merchandise along with its best selling player jerseys for the current season.

Moving into the top spot this year are the Los Angeles Lakers, even though the team failed to qualify for the playoffs, with LeBron James being the top selling jersey.

Best-selling jerseys

01. LeBron James
02. Stephen Curry
03. Giannis Antetokounmpo
04. Kyrie Irving
05. Joel Embiid
06. James Harden
07. Russell Westbrook
08. Kevin Durant
09. Ben Simmons
10. Jimmy Butler
11. Dwyane Wade
12. Paul George
13. Luka Doncic
14. Damian Lillard
15. Jayson Tatum

Best selling team product list

01. Los Angeles Lakers
02. Golden State Warriors
03. Boston Celtics
04. Philadelphia 76ers
05. Milwaukee Bucks
06. Chicago Bulls
07. Oklahoma City Thunder
08. Houston Rockets
09. Toronto Raptors
10. New York Knicks

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