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Lakers Held Team Meeting And Called Out LeBron James For His Body Language

Reports have come out that in late February, the Lakers held a players only meeting and some of the players called out someone in particular: LeBron James.

They confronted LeBron about his body language when things aren’t going well.

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, the meeting came after LeBron’s comments following a loss to the Pelicans where he called out an unspecified group of inexperienced teammates for not knowing the urgency of the moment.

‘The meeting in Memphis was a retort of sorts. In what became an open forum, several players spoke up. Players focused on James’ inconsistent body language throughout the year. The four-time MVP copped to the critique, telling his teammates that, in essence, cutting out behavior like slumped shoulders and sideways glances has been something he has tried to work on his entire career.

The next night, James seemed to take the criticism to heart, putting his arms around guys during huddles, looking engaged

during timeouts, and being vocal on defense — but the Lakers still lost, 110-105, to a Grizzlies team that had lost 17 of their previous 20 games.’

Clearly, LeBron’s first season with the Lakers didn’t go as expected for anyone, and there will surely be changes made heading into next year.

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