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Josh Jackson Involved In “Malice At The Palace” At Eight-Years Old

One of the most infamous brawls in sports history happened 15 years ago to date, and NBA G-league player, Josh Jackson, was in attendance.

As many other eight-year old children, their memories are very vague. However, the “Malice At The Palace” brawl is hard to forget.

Jackson was only eight at the time of the event, but still felt the need to get involved as he was a Detroit Pistons fan.

To give a brief summary of the fight, Ben Wallace initiated a fight with Ron Artest, which didn’t amount to much as other players broke it up quickly. Shortly after, a fan jumped in to make things interesting.

Five fans were criminally charged after the fight. Although Jackson was involved in the incident, he was not one to be charged.

Jackson speaks to The Undefeated on the situation:

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