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20 Worse Quarterbacks than Colin Kaepernick

It’s odd that a quarterback at only 29 years old with 60% career completion percentage, 72 passing touchdowns to 30 interceptions, 13 rushing touchdowns, and a Super Bowl appearance has not been able to get an NFL contract since becoming a free agent in 2017.

What’s more perplexing is witnessing sub par and/or novice QBs get a shot in the NFL, before even considering an experienced and proven starting quarterback.

Time and time again over the last 2 seasons there have been various quarterback vacancies and injuries that sparked a Colin Kaepernick return conversation, but the young veteran never received a call. After Alex Smith’s recent gruesome season ending leg injury, the thought of a possible Kaepernick come back began to resurface. In Kaepernicks most recent season, he threw for 16 passing touchdowns had 2 rushing touchdowns and only 4 interceptions in 11 starts. Yet, the Redskins did not have Kaepernick in mind, which is now is par for the course with NFL franchises.

Maybe if Kaepernick had a butt fumble or two on his record his NFL unemployment would be more justifiable, this is not the case. The flood gates have been opened, and questions fueled by curiosity and speculation continue to pour out. Many can’t help but notice the timing of Kaepernicks’ emerging role in activism is simultaneous with his NFL redundancy.

While fully aware that we are diving into the depths of controversy; we have taken a purely objective approach to this list, backing our conclusions by providing statistics and facts.

The team at Playmaker HQ acknowledges all quarterbacks in the NFL for their god-given talent, utilized by endless hours of hard work and a tireless effort to become great. For this reason we decided to leave rookie quarterbacks out of the equation since they have yet to complete a full season. The purpose of this list is to shed light on a situation that has raised eyebrows and left many kneeling in disbelief.


Without any further introduction, here are 20 Quarterbacks currently under contract that are worse than Colin Kaepernick…


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