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15 Things You Don’t Know About Steph Curry

Who is Steph Curry?

This seems like a ridiculous question considering he’s one of the most popular basketball players in the world.

Anyone who calls themselves an NBA fan knows Stephen Curry has changed the game of basketball forever.

Steph has made a big splash since joining the NBA in 2009, quickly becoming one of the best point guards in the game and undoubtedly the greatest shooter of all-time.

Kids these days grow up learning a new breed of basketball because Steph’s shooting impact has changed the strategy of the game. That open 3, or “bad shot” your old coach and Paul George would instruct you not to take is now considered an efficient shot.

From draining Hail Mary 3’s, hitting defenders with eccentric crossovers, and winning rings, Steph Curry has gained one of the biggest fanbases in the NBA. To no surprise, Steph has ranked among the top in jersey sales for the last 5 years. Every young hooper wants to be like Steph, the baby-faced assassin is probably even your girlfriends favorite NBA player too. (As if you needed another reason to hate the Warriors).

Its undeniable that the media has fallen in love with the man’s highlights, but what about his story?

Sure, everyone knows Dell Curry is his dad, his brother Seth plays for the Trail Blazers, and his beautiful outspoken wife is Ayesha, but what does that tell you about Wardell Stephen Curry?

*Yes, that’s his real name*

Fans think they really know Steph, but something as simple as learning where he was born could amaze you. And there’s much more to be revealed….

Allow us to connect you to one of your favorite NBA players and an all-time great. Here are 15 things you probably don’t know about Stephen Curry.

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