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Young Stars Finally Fulfilling Their Potential

Brandon Ingram and Devin Booker were known scorers in college. There was no question about it. However, when you put a talented, young college-aged kid on a struggling NBA team and ask them to carry the load, you might be disappointed. Ingram and Booker are in their fourth and fifth seasons, respectively, and their teams are finally seeing the production they thought they would. The Lakers were never able to see Ingrams breakthrough, as he was forced into playing a lot of minutes for a bad team. It took him three years to work out the growing pains of playing in the NBA, but every year there has been improvement. Devin Booker came into the league hot, making a name for himself by dropping 70 points on the Celtics in just his second season. He has averaged at least 22 points per game in all but his rookie season, but has had an abysmal team around him. It was quite clear from the beginning that Booker was going to be a star, but no one knew if he was going to be able to lead a competitive team into the playoffs. Both Booker and Ingram were exciting college prospects, with Booker drawing comparisons to Kobe and Ingram to KD, but they just haven’t lived up to the hype. Until now.

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