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Why Kyle Murray made the right decision choosing the NFL over the MLB

Once you reach a certain height of athletic ability, any sport can be conquered. It’s not uncommon for athletes like Kyle Murray to be skilled in multiple sports at the pro level. Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders are all among the best multi-sport athletes, ever.

Kyle Murray was the ninth overall pick by the Oaklands A’s in the 2018 MLB draft and has been gifted a $4.66 million bonus since he’s been picked. Because Kyles is undersized by NFL standards at 5’9” and 194 pounds, many analysts and scouts felt he might have a difficult transition into pro football. However, Kyle Murray has been able to shift the perspective of his doubters after torching the NCAA with 42 passing touchdowns, 4361 passing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, a college playoff spot, and a Heisman trophy in 2018.

The doors to the NFL have finally opened for Kyle Murray while a captivating offer from an MLB organization remains on the table. After thinking through, Kyle Murray has decided to take his talents to the NFL. No doubt this was a tough decision, Kyle is leaving millions of guaranteed dollars on the table to pursue a career in a more dangerous and less profitable sport, but it was the right call.

Here are the reasons why Kyle Murray made the right decision by entering the NFL draft…

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