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Warriors Make History By Drafting First Woman In NBA 2K League

The Warriors made (virtual) history by selecting Chiquita Evans, the first woman into the NBA 2K League during Tuesday night’s NBA 2K League Draft at Barclays Center.

Evans, 30, is a professional NBA 2K player who is obsessed with basketball.

She is just one of two female players who entered the 198-player pool for Tuesday’s draft in Brooklyn — and now she’s a member of the Warriors family.

The NBA 2K League is a part of the eSports movement that takes place on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 — and it’s quite the process. It includes a combine that players have to qualify for, an evaluation process that includes basketball/2K IQ tests from the application that players completed during the qualifier and audio submissions to select players as well.

That’s then followed by a 30-minute video interview with a league representative and a selection committee that will evaluate each individual who makes it to the interview stage.

According to an interview with Kotaku, Evans stated how hard it was for her to even be a part of the draft, as she faced a lot of discrimination playing in the combine process:

“A few things got me discouraged. You’re going through the Combine and people don’t want to pass the ball, and my gender became an issue.”

“I’d get on the mic and say, ‘I’m open, I’m open,’ and they’d be like, ‘That’s a girl?’ ”she said. “I’d get iced out the whole game.”

2K League players get paid a salary of $36,000 to $37,000 for the 15 week season.

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