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Top 25 Video Game Consoles of All Time

The memories are flooding in…

Maybe you opened your first game console on Christmas morning, or your parents surprised you with a PlayStation on your Birthday, or perhaps you finally saved up the money to buy an Xbox 360 and rushed to the nearest electronics store the second you got the opportunity.

Whenever and however your first experience playing video games came to be, if you are anything like our team at Playmaker HQ , then we know that this was a pivotal point in your life.

Many of us grew up in an era when our moms and dads barked at us to “put down the video games and go outside”, but they didn’t have the insight to predict how rapidly video games would become ingrained in our culture.

According to GeekWire, about 1.2 Billion people play video games around the world, and 700 million of those people engage in online gameplay. The Unites States has seen a drastic increase in game play with nearly 70% of Americans playing some form of video games, so it’s safe to say that the Industry has come a long way since day 1.

Developers and Game System Architects have gifted us with ground-breaking gaming technology throughout each generation; the argument of which game consoles are the best of all time is only getting tough to answer each year, therefore we decided to surf through the history of gaming and analyze the data to bring you a list of the Top 25 Video Game Consoles.

Each console on this list has brought something unique to the table. Whether it was the Magnavox Odyssey laying down the groundwork for future gaming, or the Xbox 360 bringing us the first high definition video game console, each device on this list has a purpose and played a vital role in the ongoing evolution of gaming. Thus, we have ranked each video game console not only by their technological capabilities, but also by their innovativeness and influence during their time.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the progress that has been made in the video game world while receiving a healthy dose of nostalgia as we journey down memory lane to unveil the Top 25 Video Game Consoles of All Time.


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