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Top 25 Point Guards of All Time

Point Guards are the court generals of a basketball team. Coaches trust their point guards to be leaders of the offense; responsible for initiating and executing the play calls, setting up offensive schemes and opening up others scorers on the team with clean looks, and reading defenses accordingly to make timely adjustments.

For most teams, the point guard is more than an offensive leader. They are reliable teammates that know the playbook in and out and influential locker-room leaders as well.

Over the years we’ve seen a range of point guards succeed in the NBA with various unique styles and skillsets. We have witnessed traditional point guards like Steve Nash carry teams with keen decision making and iconic passing; on the other hand, you have Steph Curry, a point guard who has influenced major shifts in NBA gameplay with his evolutionary shooting and elusiveness.

Throughout the course of NBA history, the fans have been amazed by legendary point guards in each generation. The team at Playmaker HQ thought it was about time we go through the history books and data to give you a list of the Top 25 point guards of all time. With all the present and future hall of famers too be accounted for, it was difficult to narrow down the best, but these 25 men were just a cut above the rest.

And now… these are the Top 25 Point Guards of All Time.

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