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Top 25 Players Who Had Biggest Change in NBA 2K20 Ratings

Marcus Morris Sr: +2

Although his team, the New York Knicks, have seen better days, Morris has significantly improved his game from last season. With that being said, he alone can not be the sole savior for the Knicks, but it has helped his 2K rating.

Morris went from averaging 13.9 points per game last season to 19 points per game this season and his three-point percentage has picked up some, from 38 percent last season to 46 percent this season. His current overall rating on 2K is now an 82.

Terry Rozier III: +2

Rozier continues improving since entering the league in 2015. However, he may have made the biggest jump yet of his career, and his improved 2K rating has certainly been earned.

Rozier went from averaging 9 points per game last season to 18.3 points per game this season along with his improved assists which went from 2.9 last season to 4.4 this season. His current 2K rating is 81 overall.

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