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Top 15 Playmakers in the 2019 NBA Draft & their Comparisons

Now that the NBA Finals is near, most fanbases only have 1 thing to look forward to: the NBA draft.

This year’s draft is loaded, packed with ridiculous talent and highlighted by the best prospect in recent years, Zion Williamson.

Many big markets such as the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, and Miami Heat all have an opportunity to draft a future NBA superstar.

Knicks fans were hoping to win the Zion Williamson sweepstakes after recording the worst season in franchise history, but Adam Silver’s plan to end “tanking” has come to fruition after the Pelicans have proved any team has a shot at the #1 pick with the new system in place.

Worry not Knicks fans, RJ Barrett was regarded as the lock for #1 overall pick just a year ago. The scoring talent RJ possesses is elite, similarly to a retired legend you may have forgotten about who we’ll mention soon enough…

As fans, we can’t help comparing players and prospects to one another, it’s in our nature. Part of us wants to relive the past by connecting “what was” with the future. Furthermore, comparing these future picks to current and former NBA players give us a good idea of the rookies’ styles and ceiling as a pro.

The team at Playmaker decided to get our scout on and examine this 2019 draft class. After a proper and thorough analysis, we have determined these 15 men to be the top playmakers in this year’s draft AND listed their NBA comparisons…

The future of the NBA looks bright.

#13 Miami Heat – Kevin Porter Jr.
Playmaker Comparison: James Harden

Few basketball players seem to be better at hitting shots with a hand in their face, Kevin Porter Jr. and James Harden are among that few.

Kevin can shoot off the dribble, catch defenders off their feet with quick crosses, finishes strong at the rim, and drains 3’s beyond the line at will.

The Miami Heat need a true scorer, someone who can create scoring opportunities out of nothing, Kevin Porter Jr. should be their pick.

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