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Tony Allen Shares Story Of When Kurt Thomas Farted In A Game Years Ago

Former Grizzlies defensive specialist Tony Allen joined local Memphis radio man Chris Vernon recently to recount some of the moments he remembered during his playing days.

Before the end of the segment, Vernon randomly asks Allen if anybody has ever farted during a game, to which Allen said yes without hesitating.

Somehow, Allen decided to share a story from back in 2010 or 2011 when long-time veteran Kurt Thomas, who was playing for the Bulls at the time, ripped one right as he was checking into the game.

“Let me take you back. Kurt Thomas. Remember Kurt Thomas. You all know who Kurt Thomas is. Kurt Thomas check in the game, fart. ‘Ooh, have to let that one go young fella.’

“Aye Chris Vernon. I got a whole lot of stories. That really happened. He was playing for the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose. He set a pick on me. And Derrick Rose got the game winner, but he farted before checking in the game.”

TNT needs to invite Tony Allen.

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