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Top 10 Basketball Instagrams

Let’s be real, who still gets their basketball info, highlight fixes, and latest NBA drama from TV?

I can’t remember the last time I tuned into ESPN, unless it was to watch a live event. Social Media, especially Instagram, has taken over Basketball Media. The NBA has been smart enough to allow the hundreds of influencers on Instagram to promote league content because they know the NBA brand is growing stronger every day, one post and story at a time.

The new generation isn’t interested in dull breakdowns of last nights game from old guys that never even hooped, or cheesy jokes that no one understands. Millennials and the younger generation want to connect with a voice and personality they understand, and Instagram has quickly become that source.

Fans can now engage with each other and the brands they follow thanks to social media. IG users enjoy using the comment section as a platform for debating and banter with one another about the hottest discussions in basketball, a feature that has revolutionized the fan experience.

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