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The 25 Best MLB Players Who Never Made an All Star Game

Baseball is a game built on numbers, as statistics rule the past, present and future of the MLB. When a player puts up quality numbers, they expect to receive recognition for their efforts. That recognition comes in the form of awards, contract extensions and of course All-Star appearances.

Yet just because a player puts up All-Star caliber numbers, does not mean they are guaranteed to play in the Midsummer Classic.

Since All-Star voting for starters has turned into a popularity contest, and there are not enough bench spots to go around, some great players get snubbed from the All-Star Game each year. Still, most of those players will find their way into at least one All-Star Game at some point during their careers.

Not every player is that lucky though, as there are some players that put up All-Star level production but are never given the due that they deserve.

The following list is to take a minute to acknowledge those great players, who had incredible talents that went overlooked. 

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