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The 20 Hottest Female Athletes of All Time

These ladies are special.

When these women aren’t competing in the world of professional sports, their rocking everyone’s world with their incontestable beauty.

Women like Gina Carano can turn heads with her striking allure as easily as she could break them, while Allison Stokke will morph you into a track and field binge watcher with just one glance at her Greek goddess physique.
Most men are unaware that many women we discuss even exist, and I empathize with that, deeply. Thus, we couldn’t waste any more precious time.

Gentlemen, this list is about uniting our love for sports and women, an experience we long deserved. These are the ladies that we yearn to bear our genetics and mother our children into excellence.

If you start slapping yourself in the face mid-read because you might be dreaming, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Without any further introduction, here are the 20 Hottest Female Athletes of All Time…

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