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‘Pokémon Go’ Nabbed Nearly $800 Million in Global Revenue Last Year

Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs was recently valued at approximately $4 billion, due to the development of the hit mobile game, which brought in about $795 million in revenue over the course of 2018. As Sensor Tower reports, the game experienced a 35% growth over 2017. Sensor Tower cites a consistent rollout of new features across the year, along with the debut of head-to-head multiplayer, as prime factors for the eye-popping totals.

Japan and America remain the top spenders, with each territory responsible for 30% and 33% of Pokémon Go‘s 2018 earnings, respectively. If these powerful figures continue to trend upwards, the game is on track to exceed $3 billion in lifetime revenue by the end of this year.


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