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Playmaker Proudly Announces Season-Long Content Partnership with The BIG3


– New & innovative BIG3 basketball league teams up with the young sport-media powerhouse, Playmaker to skyrocket brand awareness, engagement, and press.

– Fans will now experience a new, exciting, and unique form of professional basketball that features some of the most talented athletes to play the game.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. -(Playmaker HQ)-

Today on July 6th, 2019, Playmaker formally announces its season-long partnership with the BIG3 basketball league for their 3rd season. Both parties recognize this partnership as a natural fit. Playmaker will be providing full-fledged media and marketing services; from creating branded photo and video content for social media, to distributing BIG3 highlights and footage, to producing weekly articles breaking down BIG3 gameplay as well as the hottest league discussions.

On Instagram & Facebook, Playmaker posts exclusive basketball content across their network of over 10 million followers daily; the BIG3 will be able to utilize this outlet as high performing distribution channels for their premium basketball content. That reach to the vast sports-focused audience that Playmaker offers is the ideal engine the BIG3 needs to establish a strong connection with the basketball community

Playmaker’s approach is organic. With it’s fast-growing multi-channel presence, Playmaker distributes BIG3 highlights, news, and behind the scenes material on social media with the pure intention of providing their viewers with quality basketball content. From Playmaker’s distribution, users will then (re)share the content amongst each other, creating a personalized experience and an exponential growth effect.

In addition, Playmaker provides the BIG3 with press and written content to the Gen Z and post-millennial basketball fans. A significant service to create optimum exposure and relevancy.

Playmaker publishes weekly articles on that cover the BIG3’s best moments of each weekend, trending topics and league drama, and matchups fans get to look forward to for the upcoming games.

Initially, the BIG3’s target audience were older millennials and Gen X basketball fans that followed the BIG3 stars when they previously played in the NBA. Now, Playmaker serves as the bridge between the BIG3 and the younger fanbase, introducing the Big3 to today’s basketball fans. This is the market the BIG3 desires to build a rapport with to ensure growth; attracting new viewers, consumers, and the upcoming generation of basketball talent to sign with the Big3.

Playmaker President Brandon Harris on the new partnership:

“This time of year always was the slowest time… Ice Cube & the star-studded Big3 have changed that. They have elite players, wild personalities and a well-run, professional organization.

Our fans are loving this new league. It’s a true honor to be able to leverage our content expertise as well as our millions of hardcore sports fans to help the Big3 become the newest cornerstone of American Sports.”

Playmaker Vice President of Business Development James Caricato was equally excited:

“Ice Cube & the BIG3 have introduced a new brand of 3-on-3 basketball that is revolutionzing the game in a time we need it the most. Summer has traditionally been dead time of for basketball fans. The timing for the BIG3 to earn the love of basketball fans across the country couldn’t be better.

Please contact the Playmaker team with any questions at [email protected].

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