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Pittsburgh Steelers: Mason Rudolph Could Take Legal Action Against Myles Garrett

In the match-up last night against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cleveland Browns, the NFL’s most eroded fight of the year took place.

The talk of the NFL today comes from a fight that happened between Steelers’ quarterback, Mason Rudolph, and Browns’ defensive end, Myles Garrett.

Rudolph was struck in the head as Garrett ripped off his helmet in the final seconds of the game, and proceeded to use it against him. In case you missed it, the video of the fight is below.

Rudolph appeared to attempt to dislodge Garrett’s helmet as the two exchanged words. As Rudolph stood up, Garrett ripped Rudolph’s helmet off and swung it at him as offensive linemen David DeCastro tried to push Garrett away, per source.

The agent for Rudolph, Tim Younger, isn’t ruling out any legal options in the aftermath of the late-game melee, ESPN reports.

The Browns next game will be against the Miami Dolphins, and will certainly be missing their defensive end for a while as Myles Garrett has been suspended indefinitely until the situation is resolved.

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