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Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler Murray Wins Heisman Trophy

For most of the season, the Heisman Trophy seemed destined to go to Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. The Crimson Tide were dominating opponents and, for once, it was their offense, not defense, leading the way thanks to some insane numbers being put up by Tagovailoa (typically only playing two or three quarters).

However, steady production all season from Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and the Sooners rise to the Playoff tightened the race over the final weeks as Tagovailoa’s production was a bit more limited. Still, entering conference championship week, all signs pointed to a Tua win.

Murray had a great game in the Big 12 title game, while Tagovailoa struggled against Georgia in the SEC championship game. His first bad outing of the season came in the Tide’s biggest game, and right as it appeared he was turning things around in the second half, he was forced to leave the game with a sprained ankle. In came Jalen Hurts, and in a poetic moment, he led the Tide to a comeback win over the Dawgs, just like Tua had done in the title game a year earlier.

It was enough of an impact to sway the voters to Murray’s side.

Murray received 517 first place votes, while Tagovailoa got 299, winning the race by nearly 300 points. While Baker Mayfield of the Sooners won the award last year, it’s the first time since the 1940s that two different players from the same school have won in back-to-back years.

Murray and Tagovailoa will square off with one another on December 29 at the Orange Bowl.

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