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OJ Simpson Rips Mason Rudolph After His Insane Stunt On Myles Garrett

The brawl that happened between the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Cleveland Browns is one that will be remembered for ages, and now OJ Simpson appears to be weighing in on the situation.

A fight between the two teams erupted late in the fourth quarter which lead to Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett striking Steelers’ quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet. If you missed the fight, the video is below.

It was certainly an unethical move by Garrett. The NFL has suspended him indefinitely. Now, the infamous OJ Simpson is weighing in on the fight.

“Look, All I know is this, the minute Mason went after the man’s helmet with his foot and his groin, it’s on. I’m hearing all these announcers saying Garret should be suspended. Maybe he should, but when a guy’s trying to get your helmet off your head, and that’s where it started, with his foot in your groin. It’s on. I’m just saying. Take care.”

Simpson’s opinion is certainly an unpopular one. Self-defense is one thing, but the possibility of giving someone a concussion, or even worse is a completely different one.

Garrett did release a statement apologizing for his actions, and understands that he must face the circumstances that the NFL will give him.

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