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New York Mets Finally Get Their Best Catcher Since Mike Piazza

Every since Hall of Famer Mike Piazza left the New York Mets in 2006, the Mets have had a revolving door at the catcher position.

Paul Lo Duca had the job for a few years, then it was guys like Josh Thole, Rod Barajas and Brian Schneider calling games for the Mets.

Aside from a random season in which John Buck hit 15 home runs with 60 RBI, the Mets have gotten zero offensive production out of the catcher position.

Enter Wilson Ramos.

After flirting with the Marlins for weeks over a potential trade that would send All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto to Queens, the Mets pivoted yesterday to acquire a different All-Star to fill their void behind the plate.

Luckily for the Mets, instead of offering a big trade package to land Realmuto, all it took was $19 million guaranteed over two years to sign the best catcher that they will feature in over a decade.

Travis d’Arnaud has been penciled in as the Mets starting catcher since 2014. d’Arnaud was a former top prospect that was supposed to develop into a real power threat. Unfortunately injuries and a lack of production have now made him impossible to rely on.

Injuries are also concern for Ramos but comparing the production between the two backstops shows that the Mets are making a massive upgrade with this signing.

Over the past five seasons, Ramos has hit 72 home runs with 359 RBI. d’Ardaud on the other hand, has hit 46 home runs with 157 RBI.

Aside from just his offensive production, Ramos does provide the Mets with a veteran leader that will hold some gravitas in that clubhouse.

Ramos is seasoned vet that spent a majority of his career with the Washington Nationals in the NL East. Ramos may not be the best defensive catcher at this point in his career, but he brings great knowledge and experience to the position.

Piazza was always knocked for his defense and inability to manage the running game, but after his career was over, we realized that Piazza had one of the best catcher ERA’s during his era as he was a great game manager.

Ramos can provide a similar effect for this dynamic Mets pitching staff, for which he showed interest in guiding in the past.

Now do not misconstrue what I am saying here, the Mets did not just sign the second-coming of Mike Piazza. But compared to the slop that has been catching for the Mets over the last decade, Ramos will be a breath of fresh air.

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