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NBA Youngboy Takes A Shot At Kyle Kuzma’s Girlfriend And Gets Rejected

After rapper NBA Youngboy gets rejected by Los Angeles Lakers’ power forward Kyle Kuzma‘s girlfriend, he appears to be salty as he goes on to brag about the two murder charges on his criminal record.

The Shade Room was the first to post about the alleged interaction between NBA Youngboy, and Kuzma’s alleged girlfriend, Nicole Shiraz.

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#RoommateTalk posts are 100 percent user submitted, and we cannot confirm with 100 percent certainty the validity of these claims. Sip wisely Roommates! ?☕️ _________________________________ Dear TSR, I got some tea on NBA Youngboy that ya’ll really need to know! So my girl Nicole’s been dating Kyle Kuzma from the Lakers low key for a minute, like since the summer when he was in Australia. So anyway, I guess they took a lil break but they’re back now and guess whose been ALL UP in her messages? NBA Young Boy. I wasn’t going to say nothing but I remember when y’all posted he had like two girlfriends or something like that. _____________________________ Anyway, he slid in Nicole’s text messages tryna smash even though he knew she was dealin’ with Kyle. He started texting Nicole and tellin’ her all about the money he has and how she needs to stop messing with them lame athletes and get with him instead. ____________________________ But when my good sis wasn’t trying to mess with Young boy like that, he started tripppppnnn’! Started calling her out her name, dissin’ Kyle and talkin’ ‘bout his charges and how he could have her kicked off the premises if they ran into each other. I got the screenshots of they conversation and everything! I just thought ya’ll should know about this cause he tried to do my girl dirty. ——————————- Signed, I already know I’m nosey so hush ?

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