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Michael Jordan Hands Out Free Sneakers & Thanksgiving Dinners To Hurricane Victims

After donating $2 million to the victims in his hometown following Hurricane Florence, NBA legend Michael Jordan has continued down the path of giving back to his community.

On Tuesday, Jordan returned to Wilmington, North Carolina to meet with the hurricane victims, this time by sharing free sneakers and Thanksgiving dinners. Jordan handed out the dinners at a home improvement store and then made his way to the area’s Boys & Girls Club to surprise the handful of lucky kids by handing out some Air Jordan sneakers.

“I wanted to come back and see the city and see how things have progressed and see how things have been damaged. It’s a long road back, we know that,” Jordan told The Associated Press. “That’s one of the reasons why I started the contributions. So I mean, it’s going to take some time, but I think the spirit of Wilmingtonians are really strong, and obviously I’m one of them. So I felt the need to come back and at least lend that support to them.”

Jordan also went on to share that he hopes the NBA All-Star game in February, hosted by Charlotte, will also help bring financial aid into the region. “I am pretty sure that the league will have some support systems that will reach out to this community,” Jordan said. “And we are going to do a lot in Charlotte, too. But the overall game is about helping other people, so I can see it reaching all the way down to this area.”

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