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Manny Diaz Blames Kevin Durant For Making Recruiting Hard At Miami

New Miami football head coach Manny Diaz is attempting to restore the glory of ‘The U’, and had a message for why the ‘Canes have had trouble recruiting in recent years that somehow involved Kevin Durant.

In Diaz’s eyes, the 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals apparently changed everything.

via the Miami Herald:

‘Look, the world has changed, and I’m going to blame the NBA. Once Kevin Durant went to the Warriors after they were 3-1 up when he was at Oklahoma City — kids want to go where the winning is. So, that’s hard because you have to create the winning to get them to come to where the winning is. So, there’s a natural tendency to be drawn to the places that are currently on top, which, that’s fair.’

Interesting take.

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