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L.A Clippers: Paul George to Return by Thursday

After rehabbing for what feels like forever, Paul George is set to make his debut for the Los Angeles Clippers by Thursday’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Kawhi Leonard has been patiently waiting for his new partner in crime, and now we will have the chance to see these two in action.

NBA fans are ecstatic about seeing this duo as they could be considered the best two-way players in the league. Both are known playing lock-down defense, and they are two of the league’s most lethal scorers.

The announcement that George will be returning by Thursday comes from NBA analyst Adrian Wojnarowski.

Leonard has been sitting in back to back games, so it would come to no surprise if Leonard decides to sit out in the same game that George will.

This is a dynamic duo that fans have been thrilled about seeing since Leonard signed with the Clippers in free agency, and George was traded by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

This team will easily secure a playoff spot, and may also propel to the top seed of the western conference. It will be exciting to see these two star athletes take the Clippers on the path to be championship contenders.

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