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How to Hit a Step Back Like James Harden Without Traveling

James Harden has mastered the art of the step back.

Night in and night out we see Harden kill defenders with his step back in an (un)guardable fashion. The opposing defenders read the scouting report, they know it’s coming, yet they have no way to stop it.

What makes James Harden’s step backs so effective is his ability to cover the most ground with each step. Harden is an illusionist when it comes to the game of basketball, most viewers and players perceive his step back as a travel.

In reality, Harden has developed a unique skillset that has never been seen on an NBA court. 

If you’d like to add the Harden step back package to your game, watch this video below that will breakdown the 3 step backs James Harden uses the most.

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