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How To Be A Lockdown Defender While Undersized

Defense has quickly become the most neglect facet of basketball.

For many young basketball players in middle & high school, they were never taught how to play man defense and how to be a lockdown defender while undersized.

For many guards and/or undersized basketball players, playing man defense on someone much bigger than them is difficult task. The options for the offensive player with a size advantage are obvious, shoot over the defender or play bully ball, aka post up or drive to the basket.

But they’re are key techniques and strategies an undersized hooper can implement in order to lockdown their man.

Chris Paul is a great example of an undersized basketball player that can lockdown any NBA superstar, including Kevin Durant.

CP3 is a 6-time NBA steals per game leader and a 9-time all NBA defensive team selection. While Chris Paul is not only undersized, but not as athletic as some guards, he has mastered 3 things on defense: fronting the post, denying the pass, & keeping his hands active.

Watch this video below to take the next steps and learn how to be a lockdown defender.

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