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Grown Man Cries Over Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph Fight

The fight between Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback, Mason Rudolph, and Cleveland Browns’ defensive end, Myles Garrett is at the top of the headlines for the NFL, but one man seems to be having a different reaction than most.

The play eroded late in the fourth quarter, as Rudolph is seen kicking Garrett in the groin. Afterwards, Garrett snatches Rudolph’s helmet off and hits him in the head with it. The video of the fight can be seen below.

One man called into the Boomer and Gio show to speak on the Garrett-Rudolph brawl and it had him very emotional to the point he was shedding tears.

The level of violence in the fight was certainly one that will be remembered for years to come. However, nobody was severely hurt.

It is surprising to see a grown man, one particularly who is not a fan of either team, to be crying over such an incident.

Garrett has been suspended indefinitely for his stunt until the NFL decides what actions they need to take against the Browns, and their defensive end.

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