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Former Oregon Wr Keanon Lowe Stops School Shooter

This is heavy…

A video has recently been released by an Oregon prosecutor of a student planning to commit a mass shooting, but then being stopped by former Oregon WR Keanon Lowe.

Lowe, a football & track coach at the high school, is now a community hero.

Keanon Lowe was in a classroom when the young man entered with a loaded shotgun in his hands. Lowe then had the courage to jump up and grab the gun from the student and follow him as he left the room.

Lowe then described the moment being with the student after the two of them left the classroom, “Then it was just me and that student. It was a real emotional time.”

“A pretty crazy situation… “My instincts just took over. I lunged for the gun, put two hands on the gun. I’m just making sure the barrel of the gun isn’t toward me, the students. I was able to wrestle it away.”

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