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Dwight Howard & JaVale McGee Admitted They Wanted To Fight Shaq

It’s no secret that Shaq isn’t Dwight Howard’s biggest fan.

His disapproval of Dwight started during Dwight’s short-lived tenure with the Lakers. He’s thrown plenty of shade towards Dwight since then, especially in recent years since Dwight Howard has slowed down later in his career.

Shaq has also taken plenty of shots at JaVale McGee on his Shaqtin-a-fool segment. Eventually, JaVale McGee and Shaq had a genuine beef, which led to Shaq vowing to never speak of him again.

Now that JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard teamed up on the Lakers, the conversation about their beefs with Shaq has arisen during interviews.

Both men have clearly expressed that they wanted to fight Shaq at least once during their NBA careers.

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Dwight Howard admitted he and JaVale McGee wanted to fight Shaq during this conversation:

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