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Dwight Howard Allegedly Outed By Gay Ex-Boyfriend

A man, who at first many assumed was transsexual, but identifies as gay, took to Twitter to accuse Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard of having threatened him after they engaged in intimate relations he wanted to keep on the down low.

The entire thread is legit incredible, with ‘Masin Elije’ putting Dwight on full blast.

Elije accuses Howard of harassing her by allegedly sending his pastor to do his dirty work for him. According to Elije, a man named Calvin, who supposedly spoke on behalf of Howard, started contacting her to try and keep her quiet. It quickly turned ugly as Calvin was allegedly unhappy with Elije’s refusal to remain silent.

The tweets features trans sex parties, a homophobic preacher allegedly running interference, and receipts in the form of audio recordings and screen caps.

Undoubtedly, there will be more to come from this.

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