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Drake Reportedly Increases Security in Wake of Tension on Twitter

It seems Kanye’s Twitter rants last week were taken to heart by Drake. News has surfaced that the Canadian rapper has recently beefed up the security at his California mansion.

Located in Hidden Hills, just half-a-mile away from Kanye, sources say Drizzy has added two new guards outside his driveway, and an additional SUV can be seen parked outside his front gate.

‘Our sources in Hidden Hills — where the Wests and Drizzy all lay their heads — say Drake’s crib has at least 2 new guards standing watch outside the gate to his driveway.

If you didn’t know, their homes are verrry close to each other — we’re talking just a half-mile. Not much of a buffer zone. In addition to the added muscle, we’re told there’s an SUV stationed just inside Drake’s front gate.’

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