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Dallas Mavericks: Is Luka Doncic the next LeBron?

In a resilient battle against the Los Angeles Lakers, Luka Doncic became the youngest player in history to record a triple-double against the franchise.

Luka Doncic is a point guard for the Dallas Mavericks, who endured a battle against one of the more vigorous teams in the NBA, and notching a triple-double, along with LeBron James. It’s no surprise that James can record a triple-double on any given night, but a 20 year old who can match his statistics almost identically is a shock to the NBA.

Although Doncic scored 31 points, 13 rebounds, and 15 assists, it was not enough to defeat the historic franchise. James matched his triple-double, scoring 39 points, 12 rebounds, and 16 assists, declaring the victory in overtime with a final score of 119-110.

In an interview, Doncic admitted that growing up, he idolized LeBron. However, it also seems if he has analyzed him, studied his every move, and now appears to be imitating him. The video of Doncic’s interview is below:

Doncic suffered a mild head injury in the game, being twice evaluated for a concussion. However, it seems as if he has the determination to win just like the one and only, LeBron James. Although the NBA policy states if any player is suspected of having concussion symptoms, he must leave the game, in which Doncic said was not a consideration, per source.

At only 20 years of age, there is only one player that has wowed the fans like Doncic, and that would be his idol. The young talent still has many obstacles to face, and difficult challenges to overcome as an NBA player. However, it looks like he is going to be just fine, with a wide amount of room to improve.

Doncic was awarded Rookie of the Year in the 2018-2019 season, and this season, he is averaging 26 points per game, along with 10 rebounds, and 8 assists. During James sophomore year in the NBA, he averaged 27 points per game, along with 7 rebounds, and 7 assists.

A force to be reckoned with, and a building block for the Mavericks, Doncic has set himself up for success, and he is steadily inclining to become one of the best players in the NBA. Could he be the next LeBron James?

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