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Coors Light’s Tom Flores Campaign Hits The Mark

Tom Flores is an NFL trailblazer. The “Iceman” is the first Hispanic starting QB in the league, also the first minority to coach in and win the Super Bowl. It is bizarre as to why he hasn’t reached the final pinnacle, the NFL Hall of Fame. To bring awareness to Flores’ snub, Coors Light has launched a dynamic ad campaign.

Tom Flores: NFL Career

Tom Flores started his AFL career for the Oakland Raiders in 1960.

Upon graduating from the University of Pacific in 1958, Tom Flores put any professional dreams on hold. He suffered an injury to his shoulder that impeded his chances to tryout out for both American and Canadian pro scouts.

After teaching for two years, Flores got an opportunity to try out for the Oakland Raiders franchise. Despite many other candidates, the 23-year-old earned the starting job. During his time in Oakland, he acquired the nickname “Iceman” for his calmness under pressure. Flores continued his AFL career with the Raiders and made the Pro Bowl in 1966.

The Iceman then went Buffalo from 1967-68 and part of 1969. In the second part of the season, Flores ended up with the Chiefs. He was able to get a ring with the eventual Super Bowl winners that year. He retired as the AFL’s fifth-leading all-time passer in 1970.

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