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Chicago’s 15 Best NBA Players of All-Time

Is Chicago the Mecca of Basketball?

This question has gained momentum since Anthony Davis was outspoken about his belief that Chicago is now the basketball Mecca, not New York.

Recently, Anthony Davis made this comment on his hometown being the Mecca of Basketball:

“It is. We’ve got the best basketball players ever. You look at the history with all the guys we’ve got that made the league and even the guys that didn’t make the league. They say New York, but it’s not even close.”

Doc Rivers, who was also born in Chicago backed up Anthony Davis’ comments.

Historically, New York has been regarded as the Mecca. But over the last decade, Chicago has made a strong case for taking over as the city that cultivates the best basketball players.

Everyone has their opinion, mostly based on bias. Therefore, we felt it is necessary to allow you to come to your own conclusion on whether Chicago is the Basketball Mecca by listing the best NBA players that were Chi-town grown.

Without further ado, here are the 15 best NBA players from Chicago.

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