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BIG3 Week 6: The Carlos Boozer Controversy, Mike Bibby Throws Down Ryan Hollins, Power Takes Control, & Must-See Matchups.

Before we begin discussing the league drama and the juicy stuff, here’s a quick recap of last weekend’s big game.

The Corey Maggette vs Joe Johnson battle was everything we hoped for.
The two best teams in the BIG3, led by the two MVP frontrunners collided last weekend, and they didn’t disappoint.

The reigning MVP, Corey Maggette in only his 2nd game of the season, proved to be in the same class as Iso Joe. Maggette dropped 20 points and led Power to a 50-47 victory over the previously undefeated Triplets.

Prior to this matchup, people perceived Joe Johnson to be in a league of his own, a cut above the rest and rightfully so. JJ and the Triplets were handling every team and matchup that came their way at ease.

However, we were wrong.

Corey Maggette has demonstrated the competition at the top has grown. Joe Johnson and the Triplets were deemed unstoppable by many, until JJ was held to 19 points and didn’t have an answer for Maggette in last moments of the game.

While Maggette and Johnson are recognized as the best players in the league, it isn’t lonely at the top.

Craig Smith is the BIG3 sleeper. He is currently ranked 3rd in scoring (barely behind Joe & Corey) with 21 points per game and has led the Enemies to the 2nd best record in the league. Many fans were imaging Gilbert Arenas carrying this team night in and night out, but that’s just not the case.

Amar’e Stoudemire continues to dominate; averaging 19.6 ppg, 8 rpg, and about 1 block & 1 steal per game as well. His team, Tri-State, is still in the thick of the postseason chase. Multiple NBA teams have taken an interest in bringing Amar’e back to the league after watching him continue to perform at a high-level each weekend.

As the season progresses, emotions are high, tensions have grown, and tempers are flaring.

Last Sunday, July 21st, Ryan Hollins and Mike Bibby got into an altercation that was initiated by Hollins elbowing Bibby in the face. Mike Bibby, who felt the elbow was blatant and intentional, responded by (easily) throwing Ryan Hollins to the ground.

Basketball is indeed a physical game, and the BIG3 prides itself on letting the players play freely without petty foul calls, so its difficult to tell if Hollins’ hit was truly intentional. Regardless, a foul should have been called immediately.

Because a foul wasn’t called, Mike Bibby was able to retaliate right away. And if Ryan Hollins did throw that elbow intentionally, he picked the wrong guy. Bibby is 10 inches shorter than Hollins, but clearly has the strength to toss him like a rag doll into the first row.

Ryan Hollins has issued an apology, stating he didn’t purposely hit Bibby with an elbow. Nevertheless, Bibby still isn’t buying it, recently posting his thoughts on social media:

“Don’t accept your apology Ryan Hollins… I’m not condoning violence but after the 5th intentional elbow to my face from (@ryanhollins) I had to what I had to do to protect myself.”

Watch the video of the altercation here:

In other news, Power’s recent addition has caused a big stir around the BIG3.

One of the most discussed and intriguing topics in the league is Carlos Boozer’s release from Ghost Ballers and recent pickup by Power.

After being waived from the Ghost Ballers, Power immediately made a play to sign Boozer. Many fans and even players around the league didn’t take kindly to it. Nate Robinson and Dermarr Johnson are among the athletes that have been the most outspoken with their belief that this was an unfair signing by Power.

View image on Twitter

There are 2 reasons why people believe Power signing Carlos Boozer was a foul play.

Firstly, people feel that Power has a stacked deck now, becoming the (past) Golden State Warriors of the BIG3. This signing is a turning point for the organization. Similarly, to the NBA, we’re seeing players intentionally team up with the stronger teams to weaken the competition to continue dominating the league.

However, Carlos Boozer is well out of his BIG3 prime when you go to the numbers. In fact, Boozer hasn’t scored a SINGLE point all season and has barely played. So, while I understand he is a former NBA All-Star, it seems those days are behind him. Therefore, let’s stop worrying about Power having some sort of unfair advantage now that Carlos has joined the team.

Nevertheless, Power does have an advantage no other team has, which brings us to the second reason some are sour about this signing. After acquiring Carlos Boozer, Power now has an 8-man roster. Traditionally, all BIG3 rosters have 6 players, 3 starters and 3 rotational.

Prior to signing Carlos Boozer, Power already had the largest roster in the league with 7 men. Now, with an 8-man roster, Power has at least 2 more players than every other team.

But let’s pump the brakes for a second and think about the situation.

One of the players on Power’s roster is Chris “Birdman” Andersen, who was recently injured and underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL. So, while Power technically has an 8-man roster, not all 8 are active. Not to mention, statistically, Carlos Boozer is a downgrade from former defensive player of the year Birdman. Thus, the league is just as balanced as it was prior to the recent signing.

Week 6 will include the first bye week of the season, therefore only half the teams in the league will be playing this weekend.

Let’s look at the matchups you need to watch this Saturday, July 27th, starting 9pm Est.

Stephen Jackson vs. Andre Emmett

After blowing out Bivouac in a game they were deemed the underdogs, we have to believe 3’s Company’s confidence is at an all-time high this season.

Andre Emmett had a strong performance in last weeks victory, dropping 23 points, 9 rebound, and (3) 3’s. Andre has been 3’s Company’s pillar all season, keeping the team’s postseason hopes alive. The 6’5” guard/forward will face a tough matchup in Stephen Jackson and the red-hot Killer 3’s this weekend on Saturday (7/27) in Salt Lake City, Utah at 9pm Est.

Stephen Jackson has been on another level all season long and his team is among the best in the league. Yet, the Killer 3’s and Stak seem to be floating under the radar.

After Stephen Jackson only put up 11 points in a beat down over the Ball Hogs, we expect him to have a big scoring night.

Andre Emmett has been consistent all year, proving to the team rock, and this week will be his biggest test yet.

Our Predicitons.
Andre Emmett: 21 points, 7 rebounds, (3) 3-point shots made.
Stephen Jackson: 23 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, (1) 4-point shot made.

Josh Smith vs. Greg Oden

Related image

This is another opportunity for Greg Oden to eat.

Bivouac went with a small roster this season, the tallest man on the team being 6’9”. Josh Smith is tied for the tallest player on the team and will likely be the matchup against the 7-footer for a good portion of the game.

We feel both guys will have trouble guarding each other. While Greg Oden clearly has the size and reach advantage here, Josh Smith has the skill and athleticism to win this mathcup.

However, that’s not how we see this going down.

We believe Greg Oden will drop 19 points, 7 rebounds, with 2 blocks in a win over Bivouac.

Joe Johnson vs. DeShawn Stevenson

Image result for joe johnson big3

There’s no way JJ doesn’t light it up after taking his first L of the season.

Iso Joe scored less than 20 points last week and we don’t anticipate that happening in back to back games, even with Stevenson guarding him.
Joe Johnson thrives in mathcups against shorter defenders and he will have a nice 2 inch height advantage against DeShawn this Saturday (7/27) at 10pm Est.

While the Ball Hogs haven’t won a single game all season, you’d believe they’ll give it their all now. But, we doubt this will be the teams first win of 2019.

DeShawn Stevenson has had some strong scoring games this season, but remains inconsistent, putting up 12 points in Ball Hogs loss last week.

Our Predicitions.
Joe Johnson: 25 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, (1) 4-point shot made…again!
DeShawn Stevenson: 13 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists.

How to watch?
You can watch the BIG3 games this weekend on CBS & the CBS Sports Network starting 9:00pm Est on Saturday.
Check out to see if you can still cop tickets to attend the games in your area by visiting

Final Score Predictions:

3’s Company: 44
Killer 3’s: 50

Aliens: 50
Bivouac: 42

Triplets: 50
Ball Hogs: 33

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