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BIG3 Week 1: Gilbert Arenas and Joe Johnson Introduction & More.

The BIG3 is back!


Team Captains were chosen, the draft is complete, rosters are set. Now, the new basketball season is finally underway.

New stars including Gilbert Arenas, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith will make their highly anticipated debut. Many have one of these four players as their front runner to MVP, so be prepared for some statement games.

Joe Johnson is eager to demonstrate why he’s one of the coldest men on the court, Gilbert Arenas will look to set the league on fire as an All-Time great scorer, and Josh Smith aims to remind us all that is among the best in the business.

In addition, the new BIG3 teams: The Enemies, Aliens, and Bivouac will make their introduction on the court this weekend.

Most of all, Week 1 kicks off with some of the best matchups of the season. Nate Robinson vs. Frank Session will be a must watch, Jason Terry vs. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf could be the shootout of the year, and Greg Oden vs. Al Jefferson might as well be clash of the titans. But that’s just a fraction of what we’re looking forward to watching.

To understand what is in store for Week 1, we need to reveal the 10 matchups you need to pay attention to this weekend.

Here we outlined a thorough breakdown of the top matchups in Week 1; highlighting the strengths and weakness, skillset and habits, advantages and disadvantages of each athlete vs their matchup.


Let’s look at the tale of the tape.


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