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Advanced Stats Reveal Alex Caruso Is One Of The Best Players On The Lakers

Alex Caruso is tied for third on his team for defensive win shares with Danny Green. Only behind LeBron & AD. Also, Caruso has the highest steals percentage on the Lakers with 30.8%. This means most of the Lakers steals come from Alex Caruso on a nightly basis, *not necessarily overall*.

Possibly the most surprising stat is Caruso’s +/- ranking among all active Lakers. Alex Caruso (4.5) ranks fourth in +/- on the Lakers, behind LeBron James (8.4), Anthony Davis (4.8), and Danny Green (5.1).

Last night against the Pelicans, Carushow demonstrated how he’s one of the best players on the team with a +/- of +20. As opposed to Rajon Rondo who was -17 in just 11 minutes.

Lakers fans have been looking for that next “x-factor”, or playmaker. We believe they got him. But, the bald mamba can’t feast if he’s sitting on the bench.

Let ’em loose.

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