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Advanced Stats Reveal Alex Caruso Is One Of The Best Players On The Lakers

Alex Caruso has the 3rd best assist to turnover ratio on the team (min. 15 minutes played per game). His AST/TO ratio is 2.3. The only players with a better AST/TO ratio on the Lakers are LeBron James and Rajon Rondo, both with a 2.7.

In addition, Alex Caruso is a very underrated defender. Typically something that is hard to prove on the state sheet. However, Alex Caruso averages the 4th most steals per game on the team with 1.1 a game.

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The players that average more are Danny Green, LeBron James, & Anthony Davis. Minutes wise, Danny Green minutes are the most comparable to Caruso’s out of those 3 with 25 min played per game.

Caruso also ranks third on his team in individual defensive ratings on his team after Anthony Davis and Danny Green according to

But wait, there are more stats to cover.

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