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Adidas CEO Announces Over 20 YEEZY Releases for 2019

Within the first three months of 2019, Adidas has released numerous different types of YEEZY Boost shoes. These releases are a part of Adidas’ new strategy for the Kanye West collaboration, which CEO Kasper Rorsted discussed in detail with CNBC recently.

Speaking to CNBC, Rorsted explained that the collaboration with Kanye West “started out being focused on creating a few products, on few releases with a lot of hype.” Rorsted then went on to explain that this strategy was changing: “This year we will have more than 20 releases. Some of them will be very small in volume, others will have a very different volume profile.”

Be on the look out for plenty of Adidas swag coming out for the rest of the year.

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